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4 most important swim tips for parents to motivate young swimmers

In general, teaching how to swim to your kids is a vital part of safety education in water. Our team of experienced swim instructors has put together their most important swim tips for parents that they all should know. Follow these tips in your kid’s swimming lessons, and you will see a huge improvement in your kid’s progress.

#1. Swimming year round

swimming classes in VaughanThis swim tip for parents involves the benefits of year-round swimming lessons. Regular swimming throughout the year will help to sustain your kid’s confidence in the water and minimize the risk of drowning. Also, when kids give long breaks, you will notice a decline in their swimming performance, especially if they have just started acquiring new skills.

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#2. Regular practicing

Like learning how to read, it is important to know that, children acquire swimming skills quicker when keep practicing constantly. In average, kids need approximately 100 to 150 hours of regular year-round instruction to learn how to swim. Keep in mind this swim advice and, as a parent, inspire your child to practice regularly.

Parents should also know that, along with all the other benefits, swimming is beneficial to a child’s development and an essential survival skill. We believe in guided exploration and game-oriented learning in our swimming classes in Vaughan, at Aquastream swim school.

#3. Setting goals

swimming lessons in VaughanYou should dream big. Also, it is adviced that, as a swim parent, you should take every necessary step to help to deliver your swimmer the opportunities to succeed. While setting unique swim goals for your kids, you should not forget one important step.

Your child should understand that there is nothing to worry about the progress of his friend, brother or sister.

In our swimming lessons, our instructors set goals for every kid depending on their abilities. Every swimmer gets enrolled to an appropriate level after carefully and free assessment in Aquastream


#4. Never give up on trying

swim tips for parentsIn fact, your kids may seem taking a few steps back even after they made some progress. However, remember that this is a natural part of learning how to swim. Parents should always keep in mind this important swim advice and keep being positive and encourage their kids to not to give up.

Swim lessons in Vaughan, at Aquastream, are offered according to the Canada Red Cross Swim program. We deliver you four essential swim programs same as in Red Cross Swim.

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