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Swim lessons for 3 years old | Fun Swim Program at Aquastream

Aquastream swim school delivers swim lessons for 3 years old children which includes a six-week stand-alone program. Please note that depending on kids skills, they may start the program at various levels.

Our lessons at Aquastream swim school are engaging and fun, through songs and different activities. With the help of the lesson plans Water Safety Instructors run dynamic classes for 3 age-old kids.

swimming lesson for 3 years oldGenerally, it is recommended that you should start swimming lessons earlier. After all, when kids start learning to swim, it always starts off by getting used to the water. Younger the kids are, easier it becomes for them to get used to the water. Therefore, parents should start introducing their kids to water before they are 3 years old.

As a parent, you need to regularly introduce your toddler or pre-schooler to water in order to make them familiarize with water. This, in turn, will create a lot of opportunities for them to play in the water.

In swim lessons at Aquastream, our instructors do fun and safe activities during classes. These swimming lessons for 0 to 3 years old children help to boost their water confidence.

Our family swimming lessons, Parents and Tots Program, is an excellent way to build your kid’s water confidence. Along with the other benefits, you will also see in their emotional and physical development and as well as improved coordination, balance, and strength.

swim lessons 3 year oldRegular attending to our swim classes will help your 3-year-old child to normally jump in the pool and perform the basics like kicking legs and climbing out of the water.

When my child will learn the basic technique?

Depending on kids skill the time needed for a child to learn the fundamentals of swimming may vary. However, after learning the basics and feeling truly comfortable in the water, they should be able to do all the basics and swim for a short distance

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