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Top reasons why your kids should learn to swim

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reasons your kids should swim

Even if you don’t live near an ocean you are still surrounded by lakes, rivers which can cause an emergency situation for kids, especially if they don’t know how to swim.  There are many reasons that your kids should learn swimming. Read on to learn more and then sign up your kid’s swimming lessons at Aquastream Swim School today!


Reasons why your kids should learn to swim

Swimming is a life skill

According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, for kids aged between 1 and 14, drowning is the second major cause of accidental injury-related death. Knowing how to swim reduces of chances of drowning and, in addition, kids should take swimming lessons even if they “know” how to swim. Because attaining in regular swimming lessons will make them even stronger and safer around the water.

Swimming is a full body workout

Swimming exercise helps all the parts of the body to work out and it has many cardiovascular benefits. This helps your kids to improve the endurance and develop the body’s efficiency using oxygen. In addition, overweight kids find it easier to exercise in the water because swimming is easier on the joints.

Kids can learn teamwork

Another reason why your kids should learn swimming is that it helps them to learn the values of emotional support and working hard as part of a team. When your kids swim together in a group they learn personal reliance and teamwork at the same time.

Swimming is a lifelong activity

Some activities or exercises become more difficult as people age.  However, since it does not carry the risk of falling, swimming is safer than running and biking. Also, it improves mood and limits depression. Therefore people swimming in their later years become more flexible and enjoy a better quality of life.

Swimming provides benefits all the time

The earlier your kids learn the love of swimming, the more likely they will continue swimming throughout their life. Swim lessons are one of the best gifts that you could give to your kid. By doing this, you are setting them up for success now and in the future.

The confidence they gain in the water will help them to gain confidence in other areas of their life in the future. For the best children’s swim lessons in Vaughan, contact Aquastream Swim School and schedule a class for your child.

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