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Positive Swim Culture at Aquastream

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positive swim cultureOne of the joys of being part of the Aquastream swim school community is the feeling the positive swim culture created by our staff, students and families. There is a very important reason for our working so hard to build such a positive culture. We believe that in order to learn swimming children must be in a positive school climate. According to research, students tend to learn better and achieve more in an environment where they feel safe, respected and supported.

It takes several steps in order to achieve creating such a positive environment. The key element building this is the relationship. Our instructors often carry on conversations with the students, asking questions about their thoughts and feelings and as well as keeps track of their progress and development. This relationship, in turn, makes our students feel valued and they tend to willingly work harder.

Importance of shared vision on a positive swim culture

Another element of positive swim culture is a shared vision. In order to accomplish creating shared vision first, we needed to establish a sense of fairness. Our team makes sure that all students have complete information about the rules in the class and as well as expectations. Our instructors regularly follow through with guidance and discipline and this shared vision helps students feel safe. We always encourage parents and students to talk us about any of their concerns about building their swimming skills and the development so we can take all the necessary steps to strengthen our vision together.

We also use praise and celebration which we think is one of the most important parts of building a positive swim culture in our school. Our instructors always use a motivating and encouraging language whenever they train new swimming skills to each child. They motivate students for even small achievements by pointing that out to the student.

We sure of one thing at Aquastream Swim School: we always strive for making our swimming lessons fun and entertaining which is the best way to establish a positive swimming culture for learning swimming skills and success in the future.

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