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How to put on a swim cap properly and easily?

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As part of the equipment required to learn swimming, in some lessons at Aquastream Swim School, all swimmers need to wear goggles. However, like swimming goggles, there is also another piece of equipment which is important for swimmers especially with long hair: a Swim Cap. In the following article, we will learn how to properly put on a swim cap and as well as some useful tips on how to master the process.

How to put on a swim cap?

Swim cap helps swimmers to avoid distraction by keeping hair out of swimmer’s faces when they learn to swim. In order to get most out of their lessons and keep learning new skills, children (and adults) should stay away from distractions as much as possible.

Some children may absolutely refuse to wear a cap. If you have little ones that does so, we recommend that you pull back his or her hair very tight in a hair tie in order to keep it out of child’s eyes. Also, it is wise for parents to encourage their children to wear swim caps the same way they wear their goggles. Doing so will speed up the learning process while eliminating the distractions.

The following video demonstrates how to effectively put a swimming cap on a child’s head:

Regardless of you are into a competition or just a casual practice of the sport, wearing a swim cap will keep your hair away from your face and also keep water away from your eyes. However, putting on a swim cap can become a bit of a tricky task since caps are generally made from sticky materials like silicone or latex.

Here you will find a number of useful tips on how to put a swimming cap on and master the process:

  • Damp your hair

As we have already mentioned above, swim caps are usually made of either latex or silicone. It means trying to wear it on a dry hair will rip a lot of hair, become painful and simply unnecessary. The better way though is to make sure that your hair is damp enough for the material of the cap to slide without fuss since materials that makeup swim caps slide more easily around wet surfaces.

  • Putting it up in a bun for long hair

How to wear a swim cap with log hair? For swimmers with long hair, usually for women, it is a good idea to tie their hair somehow before trying to slide it down their heads. It will be an inefficient task to randomly trying to shove every piece of your hair inside the cap. Please note that, as long as your hair is tied neatly, there will be no difference if it’s braided, twisted or simply put up in a bun.

It is important to note that, pay close attention to not to use bobby pins or any sharp accessories. Using these can cause your cap to rip very easily.

  • Stretching the swim cap

Once you have completed all the preparations, now it is time to put it on. The first thing you may want to do it to stretch the swim cap as wide as you can but, of course, not so much that it gets ripped. Pull both sides of the swim cap away by using the back of your hands.

You can always practice this by standing in front of the mirror if you want to get a sense of what you are doing. After making adjustment of stretching the cap to a good extent, you can slide it down your head. Since you have been following the previous preparation guide it would be fairly simple to put the swim cap on a wet and conditioned hair.

Of course, no matter how much adjustments and preparations you do getting it perfectly fitting on your head from the first try will hardly be perfect. Like some other things in life, learning how to wear a swim cap will also become easier if you have help nearby like your friend, family or our swim instructors. This is going to make the process much simpler to accomplish.

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