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5 Great Reasons to Be Wearing Swimming Cap in the Pool

By November 19, 2019October 20th, 2022No Comments

We likely all remember a time where we were forced to go into the pool wearing a swimming cap when we didn’t want to. As kids, we often didn’t want to look like aliens, have our mum or dad roughly put on the cap, or have a line across our foreheads afterward. Of course, as adults, we can understand why it’s important to be wearing a swimming cap in the pool, and be a lot more gentle with our own kids when it comes time to put them on. 

Here are 5 reasons why wearing a swimming cap is so important at the pool:

#1: Keeps Hair Out of Your Face 

If you have ever had long hair and tried to swim for fitness and not just for fun, you will have experienced what it’s like to turn your head suddenly and have your vision completely blocked by your hair. Whether it’s swimming in the pool or coming up out of the water, hair in your face makes it difficult to see, swim effectively, and stay safe. It’s best to go into the pool wearing a swimming cap. 



#2: Prevent Hair Tangling with Goggles 

Getting your hair caught up in anything is a pretty bad experience – pulling and breaking your hair because you’ve got it tangled in a hair tie or your goggles can be an upsetting experience, but imagine getting your hair caught up in someone else’s goggles. If someone with very long hair goes swimming without a cap in a busy pool or to a class, they can end up leaving with some painful and embarrassing experiences. Instead, be sensible and make sure your child is wearing a swimming cap. 


#3: Hair is Detrimental to the Pool’s Health 

You know how you have to pull out a bunch of hair out of the plug after your family showers? That same thing happens in our pool. When you swim without wearing a swimming cap, your hair is being constantly pulled by the drag of the water, and any loose hair is going to come loose and end up in our drains, which can become clogged. 


#4: Better Swim Performance 

Have you watched the swimming at the Olympics? The swimmers will often come out in their full gear, and the moment they are out the pool they stop wearing swimming cap and goggles. If they didn’t want it on, why do they bother? To decrease drag. If you or someone you love wants to become the very best swimmer you or they can, they must get used to wearing a cap to optimize their performance. 


#5: Easily Spot Your Child 

Whether you and your child are going swimming together, or they’re taking part in a class while you watch from the sidelines, a brightly coloured or vividly patterned swim cap will help you know where they are at all times. Make sure your child is wearing a swimming cap even if it’s not mandatory. 


A swim cap makes learning to become a better swimmer a better experience for all using the pool. If you’re looking for a pool in Vaughan, Ontario, we’d love to see you. Here at Aquastream, we offer classes and programs for all ages, click here to learn more. If you need help choosing the right cap for you or your child, here’s a great article to help.