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How does swimming help kids with stress

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There will always be stress in life, so we need to teach our kid how to deal with it. Swimming can help kids with stress reduce anxiety. This is how swimming can be helpful for the mental health of our children:

  1. Swimming makes kids happy

swimming help kids with stress

A physical activity like swimming triggers endorphin release in the brain. And increasing of these feel-good signals promotes decreasing cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Therefore, swimming a few days in a week relieves the stress and can make your kids happy

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2. Swimming reduces aggression in kids

swimming help kids with stress

Unlike adults, kids have not yet learned how to work out to get their aggression out. However, as they swim, they need to work harder to pull their body across the pool. Swimming is a safe physical activity. Kids release their stress as they simultaneously focusing on kicking and breathing.



3. Swimming helps kids to sleep well

Kids with stress find it very difficult to fall in sleep. While swimming kids work out their entire body. And this, in turn, promotes their body and mind to rest which in result they benefit from it by getting a good night’s sleep.

4. Swimming helps kids to deal with depression

swimming help kids with stress

Another way how swimming help kids with stress is that as kids learn how to swim, they practice breathing. Practicing how to breathe effectively, calms the body and mind. Along with the endorphin release, swimming helps to relax their muscles because of physical exercise.



5. Swimming improves kids focus

swimming help kids with stress

Swimming requires a lot of mental and physical coordination. While kids swim they will not have time to be distracted. Because, focusing on leg kicks and arm pulls, and breath control requires you a lot of focus. Learning the skill, your kids will retain focus in the pool and out of it. In addition, children who learn to swim earlier reach major cognitive developmental milestones including speech, literacy, numeracy and visual motor skills.

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