About Aquastream Swimming School

Premier Swimming School In the city of Vaughan

swimming schoolTeaching Life Skills – Swimming, Confidence, Endurance.

Aquastream is a premier swim school conveniently located in the city of Vaughan, Ontario. As a devoted swimming school, Aquastream offers year-round swimming lessons for kids and adults, delivered by a professional team of instructors with years of experience. All swimming instructors are accredited by the Canadian Red Cross. Programs in our swim school are designed for children ages 6 months to 18 years as well as adults of all swimming abilities. The swimming school equipped the newly constructed facility with the latest technologies to provide the best in quality swimming lessons for kids and exceptional customer experience for caregivers.

As part of the company’s vision, Aquastream’s primary focuses are three major pillars: swim progress tracking, water quality, and exceptional customer experience. We work hard to deliver these three major focus areas to satisfy swimmers and their caregivers.


Swim Progress Tracking

swimming schoolAquastream’s goal-oriented approach makes it different. In fact, the swimming school believes that every swimmer should have a clear goal to reach by the end of each session. Therefore, the company focuses on the swim progress of each swimmer and send individual reports to caregivers after each session. Conveniently, the caregiver may also speak with one of the knowledgeable deck supervisors, to understand their child’s progress. At Aquastream swimming school in Vaughan, you can be completely ensured that every infant or child swims in a stress-free environment and high-skilled instructors use integrity, compassion, and trust.


Water Quality In Aquastream Swimming School

Aquastream’s facility is fully equipped with the latest water quality control technology to maintain the highest quality of water in the pool. To make the swimming experience comfortable for toddlers and kids, Aquastream keeps the pool always at 9oF/32C, which also makes it different from other swimming schools in Vaughan. The company’s water quality control technology maintains the salt in the water at the maximum possible level to provide a seawater experience.


Exceptional Customer Experience

swimming schoolAs a caregiver, you do not waste your time at Aquastream’s premises while waiting for your kids. The waiting area is a premium lounge where caregivers can work using the fastest Wi-Fi while observing their kids live on the monitor.


Adult Swimming Lessons

Our adult lessons offer a unique experience through the quality and care of our swimming instructors. Whether you want to become more comfortable in the water, perfect your strokes, or increase your endurance, you are more than welcome to join our classes! At Aquastream, we understand the importance of knowing this life skill, and we work around your learning style with the Red Cross swimming standards to make sure you walk out of our facility with the confidence that you know how to swim.
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To enhance your quality of life through the provision of water-based recreational activities.  


To provide year-round swimming programs with swim progress tracking, premium water quality control and exceptional customer experience.