Special Needs Swim Program in Vaughan

About Our AUTISM Swimming Lessons

Many people are wondering if a kid with Autism Spectrum Disorder can learn how to swim. The answer is yes! With our certified swim instruction and their never ending dedication, Aquastream can teach your child how to swim, regardless of the learning styles they have. Our main focus in our swimming lessons, when teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is water safety and we believe this should always be considered as a main priority during the lessons.

How Swimming will help a child with autism?

Unlike other sports and physical activities, swimming guarantees success for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Hence, swimming lessons for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder improve social interactions, speech, coordination, and cognitive processing skills.

benefits of swimming for childrenBenefits Of swimming lessons 

Water Soothes & Comforts

Any physical activity in water can help relax muscles and decrease stress. Water reduces body weight and therefore decreases the stress and impact on the body — which is great for children who sometimes feel like their own body is too much to handle. Water provides a safe environment for children to learn how to regulate the force their body exerts when playing or working. The comforting hydrostatic pressure of the water relaxes them while they play. Many children are able to tolerate touch better after aquatic therapy.

Group Swimming Promotes Better Social Skills

Group swimming sessions can help children greatly with developing social skills. Giving children the opportunity to engage with their instructor as well as other children in their class lets them learn how to share toys and participate in cooperative and competitive play. Swimming can be a public activity and many people can participate, which can help Autistic children become more comfortable with social situations and other people. This will build their self-confidence and help them with interpersonal relationships.

Long Lasting Therapy

Warmed to 30°C, our pool provides a calming environment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as it helps them understand the exertion of their body, and how it works during movement, such as during swimming drills, or play time. The pool organically has a comforting fluid pressure that helps to relax students during swimming time. Any physical activity done in water helps to relax muscles and decreases the stressful impact on the body. Swimming lessons for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder are essential in providing them with a soothing and comforting environment while having a calming effect on their brain.

Prevents Drowning

Understanding water safety, along with learning how to swim, can prevent accidental drowning and can assist in saving many lives. Because drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for kids with Autism, especially under the age of 14, the majority of children with Autism spectrum disorder are drawn to the calming waters of a swimming pool. 

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