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Aquastream is an award-winning, premier swimming school located in Barrie, Ontario. Designed with proven techniques and methodical structures that guide swimmers from their very first laps to advanced swimming levels, our programs help develop life skills and confidence that serve well beyond the pool.

Delivering on this pledge requires a strong foundation, which we’ve built through a commitment to three important pillars:

  1. Progress Tracking. Aquastream develops swim programs that produce results through the use of progress tracking.
  2. Water Quality. Our facility offers exceptional water quality and the latest and greatest technology.
  3. Customer Service. The outstanding customer service of our entire team goes above and beyond the needs of swimmers and their caregivers.

Between our Parent & Tot classes, lessons for toddlers, and classes for kids, teens, and special needs children, we serve swimmers as young as 6 months until the age of 18 years. All of our classes are led by our Lifesaving Society-certified swimming and lifesaving instructors, who carefully track the progress of swimmers across three major indicators before providing a certificate of completion.

As swimmers themselves, our trainers recognize how essential water quality is to the delivery of an incredible program – which is exactly why they’ve chosen to work with Aquastream. Our facility is equipped with the latest quality control technology, filled with salt water that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, and always heated to a perfect 32°C.

Professional and friendly instruction, coaching to student ratios as low as 6:1, 3:1, and even 1:1, structured progress tracking, and a state-of-the-art facility – all of these advantages give our swimmers and their caregivers the peace of mind they need to grow both in the pool and outside of it.

Get started with swim programs near me in Barrie by scheduling your complimentary 30-minute swim assessment at Aquastream today! Our incredible instructors will take you or your swimmer through a comprehensive evaluation to assess skill level and ability before determining the most appropriate level for starting the swim journey.



No Chlorine Odour


We provide certificate upon finishing level

32° C / 90° F

Warmest water temperature


for a specific question please contact us

How and where to start?

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute swim assessment to get started. Our swim instructors will evaluate your child’s skills and determine their starting swim level.

What is the location?

Aquastream Swim School is located at 676 Westburne Drive, unit 1 (Rutherford and Keele)

What are the prices?

Our prices vary based on the program and the number of lessons during the swim session. For more information please visit our Schedule and Fee page.

What if we missed a class?

We provide 2 makeup classes per session to each swimmer on designated days, if 24 hours email notice is received.

What are the age requirements?

We require swimmers to be 6 months of age or older.

What do I need to bring to class?

Please bring with you a swimming suit, towel, indoor shoes, goggles and a swimming cap if hair is longer than shoulder length. For children 4 years and younger, please bring a reusable swimming diaper. If you are planning to shower at our facility after the class, feel free to bring your body wash and shampoo as well.

How experienced are your instructors?

All of our instructors are certified swimming and lifesaving instructors through the Lifesaving Society and have a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience.


What they think about us

Frank 0:56

We are happy to see our clients feeling the vision we had at the beginning of this amazing journey. We thank Frank for the kind words he shared with us!

Nirav Vyas 0:58

Positive customer feedback is what makes us proud of the work we are doing. Thanks to them, we strive to do better in serving the community with our products and services.

Eliran (Student) 0:41

Our talented student Eliran is sharing his thoughts with us. Thank you, Eliran!

Ilana Weig 0:45

Meet Joshua, one of our talented swimmers. Joshua and his mom are sharing their impressions about our venue and their experience with instructors and the classes.

Max 0:39

Thanks, Max for your sincere words!

Adalat 2:26

Adalat shares his daughter’s swimming experience and explains why they choose Aquastream as a swim school.
Vahid Sadeghi
Vahid Sadeghi
The pool and facilities are clean. The teachers are great. The staff are friendly and cooperative the management is accommodating.
Azar Ismayil
Azar Ismayil
Nice place
Shaghayegh Shabaviz
Shaghayegh Shabaviz
Amazing swimming pool, very knowledgeable trainers.I would higly recommend this school! My son love this class. one of the best trainer is (Setareh),she is very good and knowledgeable.
Working at Aquastream has been an amazing experience! They have friendly staff that are there to help and support you as an instructor. Best workplace!!
Clarence Chen
Clarence Chen
My kids loves Instructor Winnie for teaching them swimming, they always come home tired and smiling
Sebastian Nienajadlo
Sebastian Nienajadlo
All the staff are so nice and welcoming and now my child loves swimming!
Ashton Harb
Ashton Harb
Great facility. Winnie is a great instructor. Definitely come here if you want to learn how to swim.

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