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The best age for a child to learn to swim | Aquastream Swim School

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If you are wondering what is the best age for a child to learn to swim, then you need to know that there is no reason to wait for a certain age. In fact, almost any age is quite the right time to get your little ones enrolled in swimming lessons at Aquastream Swim School.

At Aquastream, the minimum age for swimming lessons is 6 months old. Especially, even if you are not living near the beach, there are still plenty of reasons that your 1-year-old needs to learn swimming. Along with many benefits, swimming instills lifelong lifesaving skills that every individual should learn. Our Parents and Tots swimming program have been designed with a ratio of 1/5 in order to improve the experience of swimming for both parents and as well as tots.

Preschoolers: While learning how to navigate their world, toddlers can also acquire knowledge of swimming. In our Preschoolers Program at Aquastream, your child will learn how to kick efficiently, dip underwater and as well as perform back floats.

Swim Kids: As kids start to get used to the routine of school, they can also include swimming lessons in their daily schedule. In our Swim Kids program, our team celebrates kids working on the common goal of learning swimming skills that enable them to swim without any support.

Swim Teens: Even if you know that your child knows the proper way of swimming, they can still get some extraordinary results from our Swim Teens program which is specially designed for teens. With the help of this program, they will not only be able to swim farter and longer, but they also learn different strokes like swimming freestyle, butterfly and more.

In general, however, the best age for a child to learn to swim can be right now. You can read more about how learning swimming skills at Aquastream Swim School can benefit your child at every age.

Even if you think that your little one will never go into the water without your supervision, every child should acquire the knowledge of water safety skills, since drowning is an accident that can happen anytime even if an individual is not swimming.

Swimming is also helpful for individuals in other sports. In addition, it will help your child to improve their performance in school too. Since it also requires concentration and confidence, it will surely splash over into other areas of life too.

You can sign up for swimming lessons at Aquastream today. Contact us today or fill out our registration form in order to experience our free try-out class!