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What to do when your child is scared of swimming lessons?

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Is your child scared of swimming lessons?

Many parents experience this kind of situations when they get their kids enrolled in swimming lessons. Since every child is different, there is not a perfect way of getting your little ones used to the water or swimming. The following article will help you to learn more about how to teach your child to swim when s/he is afraid of water or scared of swimming lessons.

First, you will need to start small. This means you should introduce your child to the water in a small environment where it is under your control. This includes a bathtub or any a small plastic kiddie pool that you can easily set up in your back yard.

If your child is old enough to sit up on his own, you can fill the bathtub or that little pool up that is enough to cover his lower half. You can add more water to a certain level where they are comfortable with.

In addition, since warm water is always enjoying and relaxing, using warm water will be a better choice. You can also give them their favorite toys which can float and as well as the ones that can sink. This will help them to recognize how different objects react differently in water.

If your child is afraid of water on face, you can add a little bucket or even a cup in order to encourage your little one to fill it up and pour over his or her head. By doing this you will get them gradually used to feel what it’s like to experience and have water on the face and as well as on the skin.

Applying this tip will boost their water confidence as you try to get your child used to water in many different ways.

It is clear that many toddlers are afraid of swimming and many of them are uncomfortable submerging their whole head underwater. Oftentimes children strongly dislike when they get their faces wet.

In this case, you need to utilize some well-designed goggles, which can fit well in order to help them to keep the water out of their eyes. By having no water in their eyes, the little swimmers will have more comfort and the skills to keep their eyes open at all times during swimming practice.

In swimming lessons at Aquastream, our instructors teach toddlers how to blow bubbles into the water which is also a fun method which helps to encourage the little ones so that they can comfortably get their faces wet. This also provides a valuable skill that helps to learn breath control.

Generally, children get more comfortable doing new things when they see their friends or as well as siblings to the same activity while having fun.  Since they like to mimic, the more they see their friends enjoy the water, the more they will be eager to do the same.

For a child’s life learning to swim is a defining experience. Therefore at Aquasream, we call it a life skill. Swimming is a skill or ability that lasts for a lifetime like riding a bike.

Swimming classes will not only teach your little ones water safety and lifesaving skills but is also help them to become more confident by developing themselves personally while getting used to new, healthy habits.

Please note that it is also important to make sure that you give your child enough time and comfort to proceed to learn to swim at their own pace. You can further improve the learning process by making their swimming lessons fun and enjoyable rather than forcing them to attain the classes.