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Drowning prevention: How to protect your kids

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There is nothing more precious and valuable to any parent than the life of their children. We all want the best for our kids, but, sometimes we are unable to see the importance of equipping them with certain skills that will save their lives in a difficult situation. We are going to be talking about drowning prevention and the importance of swimming skills. We also want to get your attention to statistics related to drowning that you should consider when dealing with this issue.

One of those vital survival skills is to learn how to swim, and in some cases for very young children, it is merely to learn how to avoid drowning. Today, we are going to mention a very essential and straightforward way in which you can protect your kids and achieve drowning prevention.

Important facts about drowning

It’s shocking to learn that drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death in the world. There are over 360 thousand deaths caused by drowning each year on a global scale and children are part of that statistic at more alarming rates than you would think.

In fact, the problem is so relevant that drowning is one of the top five causes of death among children between the ages of 1 and 14. The position on that top five varies depending on the country, but it is a widespread part of the statistics in most locations. Preventive actions against drowning can surely have a positive effect on otherwise devastating results.

Drowning prevention to protect your kids

We all are expected to take all the needed actions to keep our children safe and prevent dangerous situations. However, in case of an emergency, when the children are in a condition when they cannot access an adult’s assistance, we want our kids to be able to survive. The most convenient way is to take your child to swimming lessons; as a result, giving them the ultimate skill to protect themselves in water during an emergency.

Think about this – it only takes a few seconds for a person to start drowning, and it could all end in a tragedy in less than a minute. If a child knows how to float and how to swim, they can avoid drowning, and they can buy more time until someone can come to their rescue. Swimming skills give confidence about a child’s body; they gain both physical and mental strength. They also become less stressful and well-balanced.

Useful measures to take for drowning prevention

Buying pool fences is essential for anyone who owns a swimming pool. As mentioned earlier, the way of defence is to learn how to swim, but it is better to prevent dangerous situations, especially when you have infants and toddlers in your home.

It’s also important to teach your children to avoid certain situations and to respect the sea. Swimming in a pool and swimming in the sea are two completely different experiences. Even the best swimmers in the world have drowned when they face high currents in the sea. Children should be familiar with both environments form early ages to feel comfortable in unusual situations.

Final thoughts

A child that knows how to swim is already a child who possesses a perfect skill for drowning prevention. Make sure that you take your child for swimming lessons, and this is going to be a life-time invaluable skill that will be useful for their entire lives.