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How to encourage nervous swimmers?

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As a life skill, learning how to swim must be a non-negotiable skill to be learned in every household. Your child will be able to expose himself to many life experiences by learning how to swim. In other words, swimming makes them capable of keeping themselves safe in the water and enable to save a life. However, what if your little ones do not like the idea of swimming at first? How can you encourage nervous swimmers like your little ones?

In general, children can resist swimming lessons and as well as other new activities like, new school, friends, team and etc which is quite normal. Thankfully, there are some unique tips you can implement to encourage your little ones through their swim journey.

Make swimming fun

You can start telling your kids about the fun they are going to have while learning swimming and also the new friends they will make in their swimming class. Kids love making splashes in their bathtub, and if your little one loves it too, then you should let them know that they will be doing some fun splashing in their swim school. It can go a long way in getting little ones excited about swimming as you explain how fun they are going to have in their swim classes.

In addition, since learning with friends is always fun, their friends will always make them feel easier. This is especially true if your child has a sibling or friend who is also interested in swimming or who is already in the same swim class with him or her.

Tell them encouraging words

Generally, children get their support from their parents. Therefore, although it might seem obvious, imagine yourself telling your kids encouraging words about swimming. You may start by telling how important knowing how to swim is and how you will proud of them once they learn something new.

Also, explain to them that you truly believe that she or he is going to be an awesome swimmer and as a parent, you will always be there for them in every step of learning.

Let them practice new skills outside of swimming class

When you are in our swimming class with your child, pay attention to the new skills he is learning and the way our instructors use while describing them the skill. Later, you will be able to practice the newly acquired swimming skills either at home or at the neighborhood pool. You can also read our article written on how to practice swimming skills outside of swimming class. This will help your kids to retain new information or knowledge they have learned during the swimming sessions.

Do not force to learn anything

For every parent dealing with a resistant or crying little one can be a stressful experience. There will be days when your little one will totally be into it and another time they will be upset about having to go swimming class. Although these are normal reactions, you may implement the tips above in order to ease the stress. These tips will help them to overcome their fear of water and build confidence.

However, sometimes encouraging nervous swimmers like your little ones is just not enough. In this scenario, you should never force your child to do anything they are not comfortable with and wait until they calm down and are prepared to learn.