Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all possible questions regarding swim programs, schedules, fees, etc.

Please find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.  If the question you are looking for is not there, give us a call – we’re always here to help.

General Questions

My child is new to swimming; What class should I register for?

You should contact Aquastream to schedule a complimentary 30-minute swimming assessment to get started. Our swimming instructors will evaluate your child’s skills and determine the level.

Click here to schedule your free swim tryout.

What are the class ratios?

At Aquastream Swim School we follow the Canadian Red Cross
guidelines that list 1 instructor per 3 students for Swim Kids, and 1 instructor to 2 students for Preschooler levels.

How long is a typical swim lesson?

Swim lessons are 30, 45, and 60 minutes in length.

Parents and Tots (6 month-24 months): 30 minutes

Preschoolers (2-5 years): 45 minutes

Swim Kids (5-13 years): 45 minutes

Swim Teens (13-18 years): 60 minutes

Adults Swim (18+ years): 60 minutes

My child has attended swimming classes before, how do I know what level my child is?

If your child has had previous swimming experience you may contact us at or 905.879.7946 to book a free tryout class.

When should I register for classes?

We have four sessions: Summer (July to August), Fall (September to December), Winter (January to March), and Spring (March to June). Our classes fill quickly so we recommend enrolling at least one month in advance.

How should I enrol?

You may enrol in person after you have completed your free tryout, or by phone by contacting us at 905.879.7946 or by sending us an email at

How much do swim lessons cost?

Our tuition fees vary based on the number of lessons in a session. Please visit or call us for detailed pricing and scheduling information or take a look at our fees.

Do you provide private (one-on-one) classes?

Yes! We provide private and semiprivate classes. Please contact us for further details.

What do I need to bring to swimming lessons?

Please bring a bathing suit, towel, goggles, swimming cap if your child has hair longer then the shoulder and a reusable swim diaper if the child is not toilet trained.
If you desire you may also bring shampoo and body wash. However, we do provide these at the facility as well. If you do not have one on hand, they are available for purchase at our front desk.

If my child misses a class can I schedule a make-up class?

Make-up classes are subject to availability and can only be scheduled by emailing us at

We enforce scheduling a make-up class maximum 3 days after the absence, so that we may accommodate your schedule.

Makeups should be scheduled via email only. Our lesson plans are progressive so in order to advance and progress safely, we recommend that your child attends their regular class consistently.

How can I pay for my swimming classes?

We currently accept VISA, MASTER CARD, and American Express as well as cheques and cash. To make a payment, either call us at 905.879.7946 or send us an email to and simply ask us to process payment.

How will the Parents and Tots program benefit my baby?

  • Swimsuit for yourself 
  • Swimming suit for your child
  • Reusable swim diaper which can also be purchased at the front desk
  • Towels for you and your child
  • Indoor shoes for yourself
  • Indoor shoes for your child
  • Swimming cap for children who have hair longer than shoulder length

What to expect from Parents & Tots program?

Besides parents’ learning how to hold their child during a back float, tots will learn the following skills:

  • Holding breath under the water
  • Swimming the distance between parent and instructor
  • Grabbing onto the side of the pool
  • Jumping into the water
  • Floating independently
  • Kicking
  • Rolling from front to back

What should I bring to Parents & Tots lesson?

  • Swimsuit for you and your baby
  • Two swim diapers. You may also purchase at the front desk
  • Towels for you and your baby
  • Indoor shoes. (We provide boot covers in case you forgot to bring indoor shoes)