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How to help your child to learn swimming faster?

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Depending on one’s ability and as well as the other factors, every young swimmer improves his or her swimming skill at a different rate. When some swimmers are able to grasp a new skill right away, some need more time and patience before seeing results.

Similarly, their learning method can also be different. So, some swimmers learn better through verbal instruction and the other through visual teaching. As swim school experts in this field, we can feel that seeing your child progress slower than others can be tough. However, we always tell parents not to get discouraged, since the parent is the single most important factor for his or her child’s success.

The following tips can help your kids to learn swimming faster:

Don’t stop practicing outside of class

  • Your child needs to practice continuously. According to some studies, related to “learning to swim” shows that a child needs to take about up to 150 hours of constant, year-round swimming sessions in order to perform it independently, regardless of the depth of the water. Of course, this time can also vary depending on some other factors. Like learning math at the class, children will develop their skills faster when they don’t stop practicing their knowledge outside of lessons.

Keep attending classes constantly

  • If you want to see the progress, then you must keep regularly attending swimming classes. In addition, both the swim instructor and your swimmer will be more in tune with learning, when your kids regularly keep attending scheduled classes.

Never give up

  • Sometimes it might seem that as if your child has taken a few steps back in his or her swimming progress. Please note that this is a quite normal thing since it is your responsibility as parents to stay positive and keep encouraging your little one to keep on trying. You can do so by helping them to remind their swimming goals, and why swimming is important for their safety.

Setting goals

  • You can help your child to set his goals by talking to him. Generally, at Aquastream, we are seeing many students with different swimming goals attending our swimming classes. Some of them join our programs in order to improve their swimming skills to get prepared for the Summer Swim Team in their school.
  • Therefore, we always come up with an answer like “what is the goal of your child?”, when parents give us questions on how long would it take for their little ones to learn swimming. Also, you should let your child understand that they should not be worried about the progress of their friends or as well as siblings.

Keep swimming year-round

  • If you want to retain your kid’s water confidence then you can do so by keeping them in year-round swimming lessons. In addition, it will help them to retain their learning momentum. It is clear that, compared to seasonal swimmers, students attending year-round classes learn and progress faster.
  • Keep in mind that, parents play a vital role in their swimmer’s success. Although learning how to swim can be a challenging task, it is a rewarding investment as well. After all, learning it can save your kids and as well as others life.