How do children learn swimming as a new skill?

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Like the rest of us, children all have their individual learning method. Some of us tend to learn through what we perceive while some people learn by remembering what we have heard. In addition, some others like learning through imitating examples.

One component of the duty of a swim instructor is studying and recognizing how our swimmers, children, and students, are processing knowledge as they attempt to learn or improve a new skill.

How can we promote better learning style and give them the most suitable swim training?

How can we talk to a student in his ‘individual zone’ and help them naturally exceed?

In fact, the primary move generally comes in understanding there is a certain way some students acquire new knowledge.


When children learn something they use their senses to acquire the new skill or knowledge. In addition, they just don’t use one sense in particular. In fact, kids have a sense that they utilize especially to learn:

  • Some kids like to watch and observe to learn swimming
  • Some others learn swimming mainly by listening to the instructor
  • However, the other kids learn swimming mainly by doing

Learning Visually

In general, some kids are visual learners which means they are inclined to learn swimming by watching. These children have sharp observation skills and think in terms of visual images.

 You can identify if your child is visual learner by looking at their familiar characteristics:

  • They need to os to know it
  • They get absorbed in watching other learners or students
  • often looking up parents
  • Rarely wants to go first
  • They can read body language

Children with an auditory style of learning

Children that learn swimming by listening are recognized as Auditory Learners. They have effective listening skills and also they think in terms of spoken words.

 You can identify if your child is auditory learner by looking at their familiar characteristics:

  • They like to ask a lot of questions
  • frequently repeating what you say.
  • Talks a lot with fellow students
  • It is difficult for them to work quietly for long periods of time

Children with Kinesthetic Style of Learning                                            

These children who like learning to swim by doing are recognized Kinesthetic Learners while linking to physical movement and body control. These can be the hardest children to train to swim since they don’t acquire new knowledge by showing or verbal guidance.

 You can identify if your child is Kinesthetic learner by looking at their familiar characteristics

  • They have trouble sitting still
  • They prefer physical touching
  • Always keep moving
  • Often interrupts other students
  • Does not seem to pay attention to instructors

The best method to teach a child swimming is to fulfill the need to see it. This can be achieved through modeling. Modeling is characterized as “an instructional approach in which the instructor describes a new concept or strategy to learning and students learn by seeing.”

In general, no matter how your little ones like to learn or acquire new knowledge, our expert swims instructors are always ready to teach them swimming – a life skill.

Contact us now, and join one of our free-try-out classes in order to see how easily your child can get learning this new skill.