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How to teach your baby to swim correctly?

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Teaching your babies to swim correctly has many advantages when they are splashing around in the pool. With the help of our professional instructors, in baby swimming lessons at Aquastream swim school, your kids will gain an important skill development. In kids swimming lessons in Vaughan, we deliver expert swim programs for every skill level.

Teaching to control breath

how to teach your baby to swim correctlyAs your kids learn the techniques of how to swim correctly one of the essential swimming factors to focus on is breath control. Because a kid swims further than expected then knowing how to control his or her breath is very essential.

At Aquastream Swim School in Vaughan, your kids will gain the skills in the best way to improve the length of time they are able to hold their breath. And also they will learn the proper way to come up for air.


At Aquastream kids swimming lessons, the swimming programs are tailored to the needs of each child. It helps kids to progress at their comfortable pace. Depending on skill levels of kids some children may advance more quickly or slowly. Therefore our swim instructors will ensure that every kid receives the instruction they need in our baby swimming lessons.

The knowledge of water safety

swimming classes for kids near meIn each swimming lesson, we especially put a great emphasis on water safety. At Aquastream Swim School, our instructors use integrity and compassion to teach your kids the right water safety knowledge. They will teach your kids to keep themselves safe in the water and also will make sure that they take the right precautions when they are on their own.



Start Your Toddler Swimming lesson at Aquastream swim school

Babies can learn swimming at Aquastream with our swimming lessons and you may be surprised seeing how they achieve learning it so soon. With the help of swimming classes in Vaughan, which is specially designed for babies, your kids will learn how to get comfortable in the water and will also benefit the skill development that swimming brings.

Teaching your baby the correct swim strokes

baby swimming lessons in vaughanKnowing the actual swim strokes will help your kids to get less tired. And also, to be able to swim more effectively and plus to have more fun. Of course, knowing how to make it to another side of the pool is important. However, to swim to the other side without struggling requires to know the proper moves while using so many muscles as you swim.

Your kids will gain several skills of using proper stroke techniques at Aquastream Swim Scool. It means, they can balance between the suitable stroke techniques for themselves as they swim.

Aquastream Swim School

Learning how to swim correctly is just part of the reason your kids will celebrate when they take swimming lesson in Vaughan at Aquastream swim school. Head over to Aquastream Swim school near you and see more reason why your child should learn to swim.

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute swim assessment to get started. Our swim instructors will evaluate your child’s skills and determine their starting swim level.