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How to Choose the Best Swim Diaper for Your Baby

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We encourage parents to bring their babies, toddlers, and children from as little just a few months old to swim with us. We love fostering a love of swimming and giving parents an opportunity to bond with their little ones. Of course, you can’t expect young children to know that they can’t go in the pool, especially if they’re not even old enough to be potty trained yet, so choosing the best swim diaper for your baby is very important in this situation.

A swim diaper is your secret weapon against anxiety-inducing messes and contaminating the pool. Swim diapers make it possible to come and enjoy our pool and have quality bonding time with your baby.

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How does it differ?

When a normal diaper gets soaking wet, it becomes saggy, heavy, and unusable. Swim diapers are different; they are made from special materials that are waterproof, light, and resistant to tears. A good quality, well-fitting swim diaper will make swimming with your child a stress-free experience.

What makes a good swim diaper?

A snug fit

Fit is the most important thing to get right when purchasing the best swim diaper. Naturally, they need to be tighter than a normal diaper, or something might leak. If poop gets in the pool, it has to be shut down and cleaned. For sizing, follow the sizing guide of the swim diaper you are thinking of buying, which is usually the same as your baby’s regular size. If in doubt, size down.


– There are reusable and disposable swim diapers on the market, so it’s up to you to choose what’s best for you, but we do recommend reusable diapers. Why? Because disposable swim diapers are designed to be used and thrown away, so they don’t always offer the best fit. While they are cheap and convenient, the materials aren’t as kind to your baby’s skin, or the environment.

Avoid swimsuits with a “swim diaper included”

These are usually little more than a plastic lining or pocket and don’t often fit well. You should use both a swimsuit and a swim diaper.

Choose your fastening style carefully

Swim diapers, like normal diapers, have different styles of fastening, and this will make a difference in how it fits and how much water may be able to pass through. Whether you choose a pull-on, Velcro or button fastening is up to your own personal preference.

Make it convenient

If you aren’t sure if you and your baby are going to swim regularly, try a disposable swim diaper, and if you enjoy it, upgrade. If you plan to swim regularly, plan exactly what you are going to do with the diaper when you finish swimming. Some people like to use a disposable pad inside a diaper, so they don’t have to take a soiled diaper around with them for the rest of the day, some are happy to put it in a bag and take it home right away. Have a plan, so it’s convenient.

Once you’ve got a well-fitting swim diaper, you’re ready to swim! We’d love to have you here at Aquastream, so if you’d like to find out more about visiting us and about our pre-school parent and baby classes, click here.