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How to use swimming for weight loss?

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how to use swimming for weight lossSwimming is a very effective cardiovascular exercise to use in order to lose weight. However, swimming alone is not enough to lose weight. You will need to combine regular swimming sessions along with a healthy balanced diet that decreases your caloric consumption in order to use swimming for weight loss. Swimming has many health benefits and also, it will help you to improve your fitness condition and provide recovery from injury. It also helps to reduce stress and burn calories. Swimming exercise encounters your body more resistance than any movement out of the water. Accordingly, when you swim laps, your body encounters approximately 14 percent greater resistance. Therefore, if you weight 70 kgs you can burn more than 500 calories per hour when you swim freestyle stroke at a moderate intensity.

Use timing

First, use one of your favorite swimming strokes to see how long it takes to complete one lap of the pool at the normal speed. Then, repeat the same process for all the strokes you know. You will find that you swim faster with freestyle than back and sidestroke. If you want to swim for 20 minutes all you need is to divide 20 minutes by your average lap time to see how many laps you need to swim. For example, if it takes 60 seconds for a lap, it means you will need 34 laps to complete a 20-minute workout.

Develop your stroke efficiency

If you want to increase your speed and burn more calories when you swim, you should improve your stroke efficiency as you get comfortable completing swimming laps. Swim fins will help you to increase your lower body strength which contributes you to swim faster. In addition, increasing your stroke length and as well as the frequency you will be able to move across the line faster. Developing all these details will help you to swim more laps than you previously do and complete your workout in a shorter amount of time.

Another way to use swimming for weight loss is interval training. You can use interval workouts to increase calorie burning and as well as enhance your weight-loss efforts. For example, after swimming 3 laps of a fast freestyle rest for 20 to 30 seconds and then swim 7-8 laps of breast or backstroke. Give a maximum of a one-minute break after completing the set. Later, you can either repeat the interval or swim steady laps for the rest of your workout.