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Infant swimming: Is swimming good for babies?

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Summer is coming, and so is coming the need to plan for children’s extracurricular activities. Swimming is one of the best alternatives as it is not only a way to learn lifelong skills but also a perfect way for family activity. As more and more swimming schools suggest programs for infants, the question comes to mind; is swimming good for babies?

How soon can you take a baby swimming?

The short answer is whenever you and your baby feel ready. Experts at Baby Center Canada say babies can be introduced to the pool as soon as the mother is willing. Doctors may ask to wait for six weeks or more before going to the swimming classes and taking your child there. Babies can go swimming at any time after birth, but experts have different opinions about waiting for immunization. Some say there is no need to wait for the vaccine, and others argue it is better to take babies to the pool only after it is done.

Here at Aquastream, our Parents and Tots swimming program begin from 6 months and continues to 2.5 years or until the baby is ready to swim without a parent in the pool.

Many swimming schools suggest programs for toddlers. But are swimming lessons for babies worth it? Is swimming good for babies? What are the benefits of early introduction to swimming?


Benefits of swimming for babies – Is swimming good for babies?

First of all, the main goal of swimming programs for babies is drowning prevention and water safety teaching. All of our programs are designed according to Red Cross Canada guidelines for all levels. Lifesaving Society of Ontario says it is better to introduce a child to swimming as soon as possible, as the time goes fear and consciousness increases and it becomes more challenging to attract a child to swim. Our team at Aquastream uses toys, tools and methods designed for babies to make their journey joyful.

The straight answer to the question, “Is swimming good for babies?” is that it is not only useful, but it is also essential for further life skill-building.

Benefits of swimming at an early age include but not limited to:

  • Swimming is one of the best ways of creating emotional bonds between parents and children in an entertaining environment. Children build water confidence at an early stage while enjoying their parents’ company.
  • Coordination and balance. These are two significant functions we focus on during early age swimming classes. Babies learn to float, jump, kick in the shallow water.
  • Muscle development. Lungs and heart benefit from swimming practices, thus the brain of your baby.
  • Swimming increases confidence at an early age.
  • Improvements in sleeping patterns. Extra exercise helps your baby to adapt yo night time sleeping earlier.
  • Appetite improvement. Parents are advised to have some snacks on hand because warm water exercises make your baby hungry.

Note for parents

Now we have answered to the question “Is swimming good for babies?”, we have to consider the place the role of parents in this process.

When it comes to babies, parents are a part of the learning process. Here is our blog post on how parents can prepare their babies for the swimming classes.

Swimming lessons do not guarantee your baby’s safety in pools and open water. Parents should keep babies and kids at arm-length at all times during swimming.

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