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Keeping your babies safe in and around the water

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keeping your babies safe in waterAll parents need to take precautions for preventable accidents like drowning. As parents, for keeping your babies safe in and around the water you need to take all the necessary steps. With the help of these easy ways, you can ensure your kids’ safety in the water. Of course, teaching your little ones how to swim is very important. Because gaining swimming skills can rescue their life in an emergency. During baby swimming classes at Aquastream swim school in Vaughan, our instructors use integrity and compassion to help babies to be comfortable in the water. And also, your kids will continuously improve their swimming skills and physical abilities at children swimming lessons.

Easy to follow tips for keeping your babies safe in and around the water

  1. Always keep your eyes on your children regardless of whether they are in a bathtub, or in pools. Get know the places in your community that might cause water hazard for kids like ponds, streams, ditches
  2. Train yourself, in available courses, how to do CPR and also, learn performing first aid.
  3. Warn your children not to attempt to save the other kids if they are in trouble in the water, because they will pull them down while trying to save their life.
  4. Teach your kids to get your approval before going in the water and also, tell them to swim only in areas that within your vision. In addition, for keeping your babies safe around the water tell them not to run on a pool deck since it can be slippery.
  5. Always watch your kids during their swimming. Check them out regularly to see if they are tired or cold. Because saving themselves will be a struggle in an emergency if they are too weakened of swimming.
  6. Teach your kids swimming

children swimming lessonsAt Aquastream, we teach children the essential aquatic skill and techniques to keep them safe and healthy. And teaching your children how to swim and water safety instructions can save their lives one day. At Aquastream, we deliver children swimming lessons in four programs: Based on the swimmers’ age baby swimming classes are Parent and tots for 0 to 2 year, and Preschoolers for 2 to 5 year, Swim kids for 5-13 and Swim teens for 13 to 18-year-old kids.


baby swim classesThere are many reasons your babies and kids to take children swimming lessons. Head over to an Aquastream Swim School near you and get to know our baby swim classes which are specifically designed for kids aged between 2 months and 18 years.