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Keeping your child motivated in swimming lessons (or any lesson)

By September 20, 2019October 20th, 2022No Comments

Through the experience of teaching at Aquastream, we have witnessed all kinds of swim parents and as well as students coming from various walks of life into swimming lessons.

In some cases, however, we can hear that some children telling us that they just don’t like being in lessons and we always ask them for the reason. Amongst some answers, we get include: “I don’t care about swimming anymore”, or “Since I know how to swim, why should I continue” and etc.

As swimming instructors, from our point of view, there are ways that we can change the method we teach in order to solve these issues. Because, since every child is different, sometimes children need a little more rigidity and structure, however, in some cases the little swimmer needs to feel like they’re are playing rather than learning new skills.

Nevertheless, it is not the case that swim instructor can always control of some of the mentioned things which motivate or encourages the children learning to swim and stay in swim lessons. Therefore, sometimes there is a need for parents to spare their time and come in. The following list, accordingly, can help you to motivate your child to stay in lessons.

  • You can simply start telling your child that you like to watch them swim. However, please don’t criticize their performance since it is the duty of swim instructor
  • Be more involved in their lessons. Because, we sometimes see that when the children see their parents get busy with their phone, laptop so that they are simply not paying attention, then children are less likely want to push themselves for better performance or participate in class.
  • When you try to encourage your kids try not to distract them. Because crossing the line from helpful encouragements to hovering over the class and becoming a kind of distraction is actually very easy. You are just doing great as long as you are sitting and watching their class and performance while occasional thumbs up or clapping. Having said that, you may easily become a distraction if you keep commenting on everything during the swimming lesson.
  • You should also permit your little ones to take ownership of their lessons. It is wise letting them decide on a goal or challenge they wish to achieve or complete while conveying it their coach.

Simply, you should let them have fun in their lessons! Although like at school, lessons are actually a place where they learn and develop, there is always room for a little fun during the class