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How to practice swimming skills at the intermediate level?

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In today’s post, the topic we are going to talk about will be the practicing tips and exercises for swimmers at the intermediate level. Since at Aquastream, our students get enrolled into swimming programs according to their swimming skills and capabilities, it is important to know how to practice at a certain level in order to retain and improve the knowledge of swimming.

In general, swimming gear can be easy to count: towel, goggles, swimsuit, and sunscreen. Of course, for swimmers with long hair, it is better to have a swim cap. However, please note that, since water safety is still important, you need to make sure the lifeguard is present or at least there is some other person in the water or close by.

Intermediate swimmers should be generally working on good body position. Also, it is important to practice extending arms from the shoulder on freestyle and on backstroke. At this level, students will also need to concentrate on kicking from the muscles in the hips and glutes while keep using a long leg with only a slight knee bend. When feet relaxed while swimming it can act like flippers in the water.

Breathstorek is another technique that swimmers at intermediate level need to practice. Before adding the other part of the stroke, it is necessary to learn either arms or legs kick first. In general, depending on whether the swimmer is stronger in the kick or the arm pull of breaststroke, s/he will tend to learn that portion of the stroke first.

Swimmers can utilize kickboard or a pull buoy in order to practice breaststroke. In order to emphasize narrower knees on a breaststroke kick, the swimmer can hold a pull buoy between his thighs. Since breaststroke requires properly managed timing and rhythm, our experienced instructors will help our students in learning this stroke.

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