Swimming Benefits

Looking for a sport with special needs in for your child?

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Swimming is a kind of activity that offers a possibility for kids with special needs by helping them actively participating in a sport. At Aquastream Swim School, children with special needs learn swimming skills with support from our professional instructors who use integrity, compassion, and trust in each step of the learning phase.

By learning swimming, your child will acquire important life skills, such as cognitive and gross motor skills, increased muscle strength, water safety knowledge and more.

In addition, all these happen in a fun environment where learning is accompanied by enjoyable methods of teaching. Also, swimming helps to increase socialization by providing a special way.

In general, it is a fact that most children are afraid of things that they do not know or have never experienced before. This is particularly the case for kids with special needs where the situation can create more complexities. When children build courage within, it means they have the ability to push through and take a part in something even when they are scared. Therefore, we all celebrate when our children discover their own courage through mastering swimming techniques or skills that once seemed scary.

Furthermore, once your little swimmer masters the skill, it paves the way for confidence, which beams within. This, in turn, will bring many extraordinary results together with the feeling of accomplishment which will also reflect into other areas of life as well.

It is monumental for children when they understand to trust the person leading them even when they are scared and not sure of what they doing. Trust, in turn, makes it easier for kids to comprehend that children and adults in other situations can also be trusted.

For kids with communication problems swimming is one of the best ways to easily communicate – having no pressure. For many people being in the water is very relaxing. Having swimming lessons at Aquastream provides a way to be centered and to get calm for kids with ADHD and as well as with other special needs. This can mean that kids will be more willing for new activities and opportunities.

Having all these building blocks of the social environment at Aquastream, you will soon realize friendships happen naturally. It is always easier to get socialized through a shared interest and general goal with the support of fellow swimmers, swim instructors and as well as your family.

Stop by the Aquastream Swim School location near you and experience our perfect customer service yourself.  You can try our free try-out swimming lesson today! Contact us and start teaching your child a life skill!