Adult Swimming Lessons in Vaughan

For Swimmers Of All Levels (18+ years)

Our adult swimming lessons offer a unique experience through the quality and care of our swimming instructors in Vaughan. Whether you want to become more comfortable in the water, perfect your strokes, or increase your endurance, you are more than welcome to join our classes! At Aquastream, we understand the importance of knowing this life skill, and we work around your learning style with the Red Cross swimming standards to make sure you walk out of our facility with the confidence that you know how to swim.
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Beginner I


This level is for those those who do not feel as comfortable in the water, or who do not like the sensation of water on their faces, or who do not feel comfortable to float in the pool by themselves.

Beginner II


This level is for those who feel comfortable floating in the water by themselves, but who still need to polish their kicking, arm movement, and coordination.



For those adults who feel comfortable in the shallow end as well as the deep end, and who know the basics of either front crawl, back crawl or breaststroke.

Advanced I


This level is for those who know most of the strokes, but still require slight polishing on their techniques.

Advanced II


For those who know how to swim well, but require a little bit of help in increasing their endurance, speed, or overall performance. This level is also for those who would like to learn higher level skills such as flip turns, butterfly stroke, or performing swimming drills.