Parents & Tots

Parents And Tots Swimming Program

Designed for children preschool ages requiring a parent’s presence in the water during the class.

The Parents and Tots swim program is designed with a ratio of 1:5 to enhance the swimming experience for both parents and tots. Also, the lesson is even suitable for minor swimming abilities. As the starting point of any swimming journey, this program gives your child confidence and the basic skills including floating, kicking, and jumping into shallow water. Also depending on the child, additional skills might be improved in lessons at this level, such as breath control, water buoyancy, and going under water. All our swimming lessons are designed according to Red Cross Swim for all levels.

parent and tot swim

Parent and Tot swim FAQ

How will these swimming lessons in Parent and Tot swim program benefit my baby?

  • Your kids will develop strengthened heart, lungs, which in turn aids the development of the brain
  • Swimming will also help your baby’s emotional and physical development
  • In addition, swimming improves coordination, balance, and as well as strength
  • Swimming increases confidence at an early age
  • Swimming improves your baby’s concentration skills and perceptual abilities
  • Swimming helps babies to develop mind/body connecttion which leads to greater social skills and intelligence
  • Calming experience (great for babies with Autism and Asperger’s)

What to expect from Parent & Tots program?

Besides parents’ learning how to hold their babies during a back float, tots will learn the following skills in swimming lessons:

  • Holding breath under the water
  • Swimming the distance between parent and instructor
  • Grabbing onto the side of the pool
  • Jumping into the water
  • Floating independently
  • Kicking
  • Rolling from front to back

What should I bring to Parents & Tots lesson?

  • Swimsuit for you and your baby
  • Two swim diapers. You may also purchase at the front desk
  • Towels for you and your baby
  • Indoor shoes. (We provide boot covers in case you forgot to bring indoor shoes)