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Swimming Gear Checklist for Summer for Kids

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We can list our Summer Swim Bag checklist together for our little ones which mostly includes the following items:

  • Swimsuit
  • Goggles
  • Sunblock
  • Swim towels
  • Pool toys
  • Swim Towels and…
  • Floaties

For generations, floaties have been used by kids at the beach and at the swimming pools for safety reasons. However, many parents should notice that in some cases floaties can become unsafe and prevent a child from learning proper swimming skills and technique.

Therefore, you may see a sign or warning labels on floaties described as this is not a lifesaving saving device…and never leave a child in water without adult supervision”

For a number of reasons many swim instructors agree that floaties can become dangerous:

The first reason is, floaties give a false sense of security for both the parents and children. Often times you can see children leaping into the water, while relying completely on the floaties in order to support bob them back up to the surface of the water. The problem is with the floaties that, children rely on the floaties in order to come back up rather than learning how to implement it for their own buoyancy to the water surface.

Another reason for floaties being not reliable is that oftentimes they are not very durable and can fail without any apparent warning. They may be deflated by snagging on an edge or even a child himself can deflate it by mistake. In addition, an unsafe situation can also occur for both children and parents because of unexpected slipping of armbands.

Another obstacle floaties can create a for kids who want to learn swimming is that, they get children used to being vertical in the water.

Children are encouraged to implement improper swimming techniques using floaties. This, in turn, is an interference for your child and counterproductive way to learn swimming skills.

However, there is another alternative for floaties which is a great way to keep your kids safe in the water:

The best way is to get your little ones enrolled in swim lessons. At Aquastream, our swimming lessons for children start with baby swimming lessons all the way to adult swimming classes.

With the help of our swimming lessons, your child will not only boost his confidence but also, he will gain a healthy lifestyle. You can contact us now and get your free try-out class!

According to the safety experts, if parents must use a floatation device for their children, then they can use a certified life jacket. Life jackets come with all sizes and are designed for most ages. When you try to get one, it is wise to look for a one that carries a UL or Coast Guard certification: These life jackets are designed to meet safety standards and also have a high level of reliability for your little ones.

While enjoying your summer days, staying safe is the most important!