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3 ways swimming can help children with ADHD

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ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is among one of the common childhood developmental disorders. In fact, the percentage of children diagnosed with ADHD, aged between 2-17 years old, is 9.4 percent. In addition, this figure is increasing.

Hyperactivity, inattention and as well as impulsivity is some of the common symptoms of the condition. Therefore, if observe that your child has a tendency to daydream, make careless mistakes or has difficulty to focus on a task, then you may want to seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Please note that ADHD is a complex disorder and should only be diagnosed and treated by a healthcare professional. Therefore, please do not consider this article for diagnostic purposes.

3 ways how swimming can children with ADHD

Swimming workouts help to improve attention span

You may observe that kids with ADHD are often fidgety, restless since they seem to have too much energy. Swimming is one of the best ways to help kids with the lack of focus and impulsivity since it is a great way to release this excess energy.

In addition, the brain releases chemicals called neurotransmitters during this kind of intensive exercise as swimming. Dopamine is among one of the neurotransmitters released in the brain which is involved with attention and focus. You can also find out an interesting fact, if you search how the medications treat ADHD, that the drugs used in the treatment of ADHD increase the same chemical compound, dopamine, in the brain. Therefore, swimming is actually can be a natural alternative to develop children’s attention spans.

Individual approach is important

In general, most experts say that group sports can be difficult for kids with ADHD. Because, in team sports, it is not only important to focus on your own role but as well as on the roles of your team members as well.

Swimming lessons is one of the best choices you can pick for the development of your child with ADHD. The main reason is, in swimming sport, there is less distraction, no physical contact with others and also the rules and strategies implemented in during the lessons is less complex. Since children with ADHD can participate in each swimming lesson individually, this helps them to release all their energy and get endorphins through the physically rigorous activity. And all this happens without, the challenges of the disorder, including increased distraction and decreased spatial awareness.

Swimming lessons help to boost self-esteem

Although this idea might seem contradictory to the last point we mentioned in the previous paragraph, swimming can actually help to develop self-esteem in kids since it can also be a team activity. According to child psychiatrists, often kids with ADHD feel isolated from their classmates. However, team sports have many benefits for these kinds of situations since it offers social interaction and as well as encouragement from their peers. Therefore, your child can definitely benefit from partici[atin in team sports due to its social benefits.

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