swimming pool vaughanSwimming Pools in Vaughan

In our swimming pools in Vaughan, every kid can swim in a totally stress-free environment; and our high-skilled instructors use integrity, compassion, and trust to teach them how to swim. You can find our swimming pool hours in Vaughan in our class listing table. The table illustrates pool hours based on swimmers’ age. Also, you will find the number of available spots and price for the entire session. Please choose the most convenient time slot, followed by your preferred day(s) of the week.

The swimming pool has the latest technologies that control the quality of water in the pool. The temperature in the pools is always constantly kept at 91F/33C, which creates a better swimming experience for babies, kids and as well as adults. In fact, with the help of water control, technology salt level in the water is always at the maximum possible standard. This provides a seawater experience in the swimming pool.

Aquastream offers year-round swimming lessons and water-based fitness classes.