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Swimming vs Running – Is swimming a better workout to burn more calories?

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Swimming vs Running? Although almost every exercise helps to lose weight, not all of them is equal in terms of burning calories. If you are wondering if swimming is better than running, then you should know that swimming is the right choice as your weight loss workout.

Swimming vs Running

Both swimming and running help you to lose weight. Although both exercises develop your cardiovascular health, swimming has more advantages compared to running.

Why is swimming good for you?

Swimming vs RunningSwimming has many benefits. Unlike running, swimming puts less pressure on your joints as a full-body workout. Plus, during swimming exercise, you are mostly using your lower body muscles, such as hamstrings, quadriceps and etc. Nevertheless, unlike running, when you swim you also use your upper body muscles. You improve your upper body strength by using your arms to pull yourself through the water.

Considering that you have a constant calorie intake, then 30 minutes of swimming per day will help you to lose weight. Please note that to get a positive result from swimming exercise, as a weight loss, you should swim in high-intensity. According to the classification by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if any workout keeps you at 50 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate then the exercise is considered as a moderate-intensity workout. A high-intensity workout is an exercise that your heart rate is kept at 70 to 85 percent.

If you use swimming as a high-intensity workout, like 30 minutes of intense swimming, then you can burn off 350 calories per session. And if you lose more calories than you eat then you can lose a significant amount of weight every week. Swimming can even help you to lose more weight than running since it takes more physical effort than running the same distance. In short, swimming is more cardiovascular workout than running and therefore you will lose more weight when you swim.

Another factor helping you do more cardio when swimming is water resistance. When you are running you feel less resistance since water resistance is stronger than the former. Plus, swimming in the pools helps you to keep the water resistance constant. However, you cannot predict the resistance in running and this impacts the number of calories that you burn when you perform the workout. Swimming can also help you to prevent you from joint pain. Since it is a low-impact exercise, the age factor will not impact your workout. Because even older people can take swimming sessions without being at risk of hurting themselves.

Benefits of running

Running is also a great exercise for weight loss and has more potential for losing weight. It can help you to burn 700 calories if you run 11 kilometers for an hour. In general, for overall health purposes, swimming is a better choice than running since even people with joint problems can perform the swimming workout. Also, to get the same benefits from running, as losing weight, you need to double the amount that is needed than swimming.

Although running helps to improve your mineral density by helping you to build stronger bones, it has a few drawbacks. When you run, you have a chance of getting a bone fracture. You use your arms in both swimming and running, however, it is not as effective as swimming when you run, because running imposes significantly less resistance to your arms. The only way to make an effective upper body workout during running is to carrying weights while you run. Weight resistance may help you to burn more calories since you will need to exert more force.

However, running has some other advantages over swimming. It is because, running can be performed anywhere, anytime. You can run outside such as in a park or on the street or just at home, on a treadmill. Plus, you can alter the difficulty of running by deciding where to run. If you wish to make your running workout harder, you can try running up-hill or just increase the inclination of the treadmill.

To summarize which workout to choose, swimming vs running, if you want to burn calories and lose weight, then you can either choose swimming or running. However, swimming is the best choice for a full-body workout in regular conditions.