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Our Team of Experienced Swim Instructors

Along with the program director Jacob Kreinis who has over 30 years of experience in teaching swimming lessons, our experienced and certified swim instructors are devoted to delivering a result-oriented individual approach to each swimmer.

Jacob Kreinis

Program Director

With more than 30 years experience in aquatics, Jacob takes pride in leading the swimmers of tomorrow toward success. Throughout his career as a swim instructor and national swim coach, Jacob has worked with numerous students of all ages and abilities, and today, Jacob shares his knowledge with Aquastream's instructors, so they too can pass on these skills to our future leaders.

Ariel Kreinis


Working right under Jacob’s wing, Ariel has years of experience teaching and delivering our swimming programs at the highest quality possible. Ariel has also worked with numerous swimmers of all ages and abilities, including children with Autism and physical needs. Currently, he is our deck supervisor, and he is a central point of contact between our swimmers, instructors and their caregivers and making sure everyone is taken care of every step of the way.

Nick Di Nizio


After having run for city council, and his son being a provincial competitive swimmer, Nick has developed a deep understanding of our community and the need for everyone to be included and understood, especially during these times. At Aquastream, Nick is our deck supervisor who regularly touches base with all of our swimmers and clients to ensure everyone is satisfied with Aquastream's services.

Patricia Ungureanu

Program Coordinator

With 8 years experience in aquatics, Patricia has experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels, including children with physical and mental disabilities as well as Autism. Patricia is the program coordinator at Aquastream, where she is the main point of contact between customers and their instructors. She leads our staff trainings and recertifies our swim instructors and she ensures our programs are delivered successfully, and in line with the Canadian Red Cross and Lifesaving Society.

Muhammed Gasymov

Swimming Instructor

With a passion for swimming and such a welcoming smile, Muhammed is the perfect teacher for any child. His impact on our swimmers can truly be seen by his students’ progress throughout the sessions. He is excellent at delivering the teaching skills required for the students to swim in a comfortable and fun environment while maintaining an engaging and fun environment. Muhammed likes to maintain a healthy lifestyle by biking and hiking, and he also babysits in his spare time.

Hector Esplugues

Swimming Instructor

As a previous national competitive swimmer, Hector has a deep understanding of the swimming skills required for each level, and the importance of a good swimming foundation. Hector is loved by many students and caregivers alike, and appreciated for his continued patience with his students. He enjoys sharing his passion for swimming with each and every one of his students.

Aylin Dadashova

Swimming Instructor

Aylin has been in and around water ever since she could remember. Having completed all her certifications she now gets to do what she loves most, and that is teaching swimming! While she just started her career in aquatics, she thoroughly understands the need for positive reinforcement, positive feedback and creating a positive learning environment. In her spare time, Ayling enjoys swimming and playing volleyball.

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