Toddler, Preschool Swimming Lessons in Vaughan

toddler swimming lessons

Aquastream Swim school delivers your babies engaging and fun swimming lessons for toddlers, babies, and preschoolers in Vaughan. The Preschooler Program is suitable for kids aged 2-5 years old. In each level of the program, toddlers enjoy fitness activities, learn or develop their skills, gain knowledge of water safety and as well as perform swimming activities.

The Preschooler Program comes in 6 swimming levels:



  • In this level, the toddlers perform various fitness activities such as playing and singing songs.
  • The program includes shallow water entries and exits for toddlers with their caregivers which is a great way to introduce kids to the water. They learn how to stay warm, and also when and how to get help from their caregivers.
  • The level continues with the introduction of PFD (personal floatation devices, including infant lifejackets) which helps to improve kicking and buoyancy skills for toddlers.
  • Starfish Level includes lessons to develop toddler swimming skills. Kids perform assisted forward and backward movements and as well as front and back floats.


  • Apart from playing and singing the level teaches preschoolers how to use buoyant objects for supporting themselves.
  • The major skills and water safety knowledge children learn in this level also include changing direction (assisted), choking prevention and choking response.
  • During toddlers swimming lessons kids are introduced to rhythmic breathing such as breath control. During toddlers swimming, they also acquire skills like assisted front and back floating with recovery sessions.

Sea Turtle

  • The fitness activity of this swimming is incorporated with assisted kicking on the front using buoyant aids.
  • Children will learn how to jump into chest deep water and return (assisted). In this swimming lessons, toddlers are introduced to rhythmic such as breath control. Kids also gain abilities like buoyancy and movements in shallow water. In addition, they perform assisted front and back glides and recovery sessions.

Sea Otter

  • The fitness activity of this swimming lesson is incorporated with assisted kicking on the front using buoyant aids and distant swimming for one meter.
  • Toddlers develop their safe entry-exit abilities and also start gaining new swimming skills like opening their eyes under water, rhythmic breathing for 3 times.
  • In addition, during swimming lessons of this level toddlers will perform one meter of front swimming followed by assisted front and back gliding for three seconds.


  • By advancing their swimming skills in the previous swimming levels, toddlers will be able to perform distance swimming for 2 meters.
  • In addition to the skills that kids learned previously, this level will train children how to perform weight transfer in shallow water.
  • Your kids will perform more advanced swimming activities such as rhythmic breathing up to 5 times, 2 meters of front and back gliding with kicking. Toddler will also be able to front swimming of 2 meters during the lessons


  • The whale is the last level of swimming lessons at the preschool level. In this swimming levels, toddlers will already be able to perform fitness activities like kicking and distance swimming for 15 meters.
  • In addition, they will learn to jump into the deep water, swimming for 5 meters and also water safety skills like “Stop! Call for help! Throwing assist!”
  • Swimming lessons for toddlers will be continued by learning 10 meters of front and back gliding with kicking and also front and back swimming for ten meters.

Each level of our swimming lessons for preschoolers program will benefit your kids’ natural growth and mind development. Our certified swimming instructors will ensure that each kid progresses at their own pace to reach their potential.

Aquastream has designed the Preschooler Swimming program for swimmers with their caregivers. The program will help your kids to enjoy an introduction to the aquatic environment. Also, our program focuses on water safety and personal development and as well as individual progress for each child.

All levels of the program are incorporated with enthusiastic play and songs. We utilize the creative and stimulating pool equipment which, in turn, improves learning in a creative environment.