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Best Fun Water Games For Kids

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The summer means a fun time for swim families! In the following list, you can find the best fun water games for kids and as well as for families that are fun and pleasing. In addition, there is almost no need for any types of equipment for these games except goggles, a pool float, and towels.

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Bes fun water games for kids and families

• Cannonball Contest

This game is especially relevant for a group of kids or grown-ups who love to make some splashes. Once you determine a judge and set the parameters to determine the winner of the game you are set to begin. The main goal in the game is to create bigger splashes than your competitor. Player or group generating the biggest splash wins the game.

• Play basketball in the water

You can easily play a one-on-one basketball game in the water if you have an inner tube and a ball. The rules are the same as a regular basketball. A player gets one point once he or she succeeds to throw the ball into the tube. The main challenge in the game is to the ball inside the floating tube.

• Pool Volleyball

You can easily turn the pool into a volleyball court by stretching a net across it. Make two teams of a few players and sub a beach ball for the game. Also, players in the shallow end of the pool can take advantage of spiking potential. However, after each set, the teams can shift their places in order to balance the odds.

• Chicken

Another classic water game for kids is called chicken. However, the game requires to have at least four people to start. In general, the more the better. You will need to divide into teams of two. Then each them defines a person who is going to sit on the shoulders of their teammates. With the signal sound, each player tries to knock down their opponent down and into the water. You need to make sure that the pool you are playing the game is deep enough that everyone can avoid injury

• Water Relays

The game is especially appropriate when there are strong swimmers in the pool. This water game is one of the best friendly competition. When you start, you can pick any stroke – breaststroke, freestyle or butterfly. All you need is to create teams a group of two or four.

With the sound of a whistle, teams can start the competition. Each teammate of the group waits for their predecessor touching the wall before they dive in. The first team finishing the game is the winner.

• Find the treasure

This has always been one of the enjoyable water games for kids. All you need is an object that sinks in the water, like coins! In addition, everyone can enjoy the game at the same time without waiting for others to find the treasure if you have enough treasure for everyone who is playing.

Water Baloon Games

• One of the games that kids can play with balloons is a version of “hot potato” which is a great twist of the original. Kids sit in a circle and play the game by passing around a water balloon. The music starts to play at random intervals and then it stops. At that time, the kid holding the water balloon is out. The winner is the last one who left in the game.

• Water balloon dodge ball – one of the best water games for kids to play in a hot summer day! Letting your kids hit you with water balloons can be really fun. In addition, you can really get the game going if you especially have a group of older kids. All you need is a lot of balloons and a bunch of kids.

Once you separate the kids into teams you are ready to go! Start the game and the one gets hit by an opposing team member is out.