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Why group swimming lessons for kids is the best

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As a parent, you might think that enrolling your kids into a private swimming lesson will bring them a little extra attention. However, at Aquastream swim school in Vaughan, we believe that group swimming lessons for kids are as valuable as private lessons. In fact, there are many benefits to swimming in a group with other kids.

group swimming lessons for kidsUsually, when kids enter the water slowly, they are not sure what this new experience will bring them. However, when your kids see the other classmates in group lessons jumping into the water and splashing water onto their faces, they understand that it is not as bad as they thought it was.

In our group swimming lessons for kids, our instructors take turns with each kid which, in turn, allows every other kid to work at their own pace. In general, group lessons remove the pressure off one student.

To help your kids to become at ease in the water our instructors at Aquastream Swim School use integrity and compassion.

Benefits of group swimming lessons for kids

Kids can take breaks

swimming lessons for kidsAt Aquastream, our class sizes create an opportunity for each kid to take a break between each skill as they learn new ones. Since the instructors focus on another kid, each child takes his/her time to relax. And this, in turn, lets them not feel overwhelmed because of constantly performing their swimming skills. We know that sometimes more attention can cause pressure on kids. Therefore, group swimming lessons let each kid swim and move at their own pace.

We created an inviting and safe place for your kids in our swimming school at Aquastream which helps them to overcome their fears and learn to swim.

They learn from other kids

In group swimming lessons kids see what other kids in their age can accomplish. And when the kids, who do not like water on their faces, see that their peers willingly wet their own faces, they now that it is ok to do so. They see and observe from their classmates and eventually do what others are doing.

They have fun

swim school in vaughanWe always incorporate fun into every group lesson. In result, kids who learn to swim are able to see other students having fun and not afraid. At Aquastream swim school, our instructors put a lot of effort into swimming lessons. This creates a fun and safe environment for each student. In fact, they all want their students to have a fun time in the water.

Find our swimming school in Vaughan near you, and sign up for swimming lessons today! At Aquastream, we teach babies from as young as 4-months-old up to 18 years old. Our programs are designed for all skill levels, and also covers kids with special needs.