Is your child ready to learn swimming?

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Is your child ready to learn swimmingSince it is summer, neighborhood pools and waterparks have already opened. Now, it is time to start considering swimming classes for your little ones. Especially, if you have a vacation plan to a beach or lake destination you should not lose time to get your little ones ready for water fun. However, before starting to take swimming lessons, you will need to consider a few tips in order to see if your child is ready to swim:

In general, your child is probably ready to take swimming classes if you think s/he is old enough. According to research, the earlier toddlers are exposed to water or even basic swim skill instructions the faster they gain the skills and become water safe. Therefore, it is never too early to teach your little ones how to swim even though most kids can’t necessarily swim independently.

         Is your child ready to learn swimming?

You can sense if your child is ready for swimming sessions if s/he expresses interest in the water. Also, you need to pay attention if they gain the basic instructions well. Plus, if you are ready to spend your time with them at the pool or near the water, then your child is ready for swimming lessons.

         How much time is needed for swimming lessons?

Our Parents & Tots (beginner) swimming lessons can start as early as 6 months and the swim program is designed with a ratio of 1:5. This ratio helps to enhance the swimming experience for both parents and tots. The lessons last for 30 minutes since we do not want the child to lose interest in the water.

When children are more confident, usually between 2-5 years old, they can enroll in Preschoolers program. In this program, children start at various levels depending on their swimming abilities.

         Does your child feel uncomfortable with new people?

Our swim instructors, at Aquastream, are very patient with students and help them to feel safe and comfortable in the water. Of course, we know that all children are different. Also, the time taking for a child to get used to or acclimate to new situations can vary. Therefore it may take some classes before your little ones get totally comfortable and build trust in their new instructor. It is all about being patient with your child and trusting the process.

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